On behalf of myself, my family, and my employees we welcome you to Brants Plants. We
specialize in lawn maintenance, pruning, and snow removal. We look forward to serving
all your grounds-keeping needs and working with you as a team, while making your
beautiful yard stand out and maintain its property value in a relaxing and productive

Benefit's We Provide Our Customers


  1. Customer service is our #1 priority
  2. Task being accomplished in a timely manner
  3. Peace of mind and trust (your property is in good hands with us. We are reliable and are here to help).
  4. Our knowledge of lawn maintenance, fertilization, ornamental pruning of small shrubs and trees, and snow removal
  5. We are honorable and trustworthy. We always respect customer privacy
  6. Finally, but most importantly, our #1 benefit is our many years of professional grounds-keeping experience.


Mission Statement

It is our intention to provide a highly effective professional grounds-keeping service while establishing empathy and customer satisfaction to the fullest extent. Our company will have honesty and integrity to the highest level of productivity, while keeping Missoula and the surrounding area beautiful and pristine.

Privacy Statement

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site and will never sell information collected to anyone. If at anytime you wish to have no further contact with us just let us know via email addresses. We do not take any information via this web site other than email addresses.