I specialize in ornamental pruning and hedges.  Hedges: We can get them straight and looking
good. As long as I can see it I can get the shape you are looking for. Miscellaneous
vegetation we have worked on that are popular to Missoula include:

  • Caragana Trees & Hedges

  • Lilac

  • Arborvitae (square or round cut)

  • Junipers

  • Spirea Barberry

  • Flowering Almond

  • Forsynthia

  • Dogwood

  • Rose Bushes

  • Lavender

  • Christmas-In-July

  • Bonsai Junipers

  • Potentilla

  • Willow

Here at Brants Plants we have chainsaws, hedge trimmers, pole pruners, and saws.
We want to work safely. Some trees do require a certified arborist.